is vital to preventing costly and unexpected downtime

In fact, the cost of unexpected downtime can be up to 5 times the cost of a Preventative Maintenance plan!


  • Increase / Maintain Profitability by Avoiding Unplanned Downtime
  • Reduce Scrap Due to Wear Related Changes in Accuracy and Alignment
  • Extend the Useful Life of Your Machine Tool
  • Maintain the Resale Value of Your Machine Tool Maintain ISO Certifications


  • 6x50 Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Standard 2 ~ 3 axis machining & turning centers - All Brands
  • No transportation or travel related charges within 40-mile radius of downtown DFW, Houston or Tulsa
  • Transportation & travel related charges will be billed if beyond 40-mile radius of downtown DFW, Houston or Tulsa
  • Requires 1 day or less in most cases
  • Annual Plan - Recommended for Single Shift Operations / Bi-Annual Plan - Recommended for 2 Shift Operations

6 System Checks – Up to 50 Point Inspection

  • Twenty (20) Mechanical System Checks
  • Ten (10) Electrical System Checks
  • Five (5) Way Lube System Checks
  • Five (5) Coolant System Checks
  • Five (5) Pneumatic System Checks
  • Five (5) Hydraulic System Checks
  • Ten (10) Additional Lathe Preventive Maintenance Checks
  • Additional recommended repairs & labor will be billed separately upon completion with customers purchase order
  • Customer to supply fresh lubricants and dispose of spent lubricants 

Custom Plans Quoted Upon Request

  • Machine Specific
  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Multi-Axis (B-Axis) Turning Centers
  • Bridge and Gantry Mills
  • Multi Spindle Turning Centers
  • Universal Milling Machines (5-Axis)
  • Requires more than 1 day to complete

Optional Services

  • Ball Bar Analysis - Tests circularity and verifies the positioning accuracy and repeatability of your machine tool
  • Vibration Analyzer- Measures and records machine vibration characteristics within the drive system.
  • Verifies machine vibration against established criteria. Use as a benchmark for future tests