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The GENTURN – 52 CS Y2 is a 8-axis 2” (51mm) bar diameter sliding headstock CNC lathe. The GENTURN - 52 CS Y2 CNC is a very robust and rigid machine. The heavy ribbed torque-tube box cast machine weighs over 13,800 pounds making it the heaviest machine in its class! The GENTURN - 52 CS Y2 lathe features a total of 33-tool stations. The Main Spindle can use 20 tools. There are 6-live cross tools, 3-live axial tools, 6-turning tool stations, and 5-ID tool stations, all in a gang configuration. It is possible to creatively tool for added capacity by double-tooling ID-tools stations with dual insert boring bar holders will allow rough and finish boring, boring and turning, boring and threading, with one tool position: without incorporating a spindle reversal in the program for reduced cycle time. The Sub Spindle has 13-tool stations including 4-driven stations with 4 live tool holders included. An additional 4 driven tools can be plugged into the Sub Spindle tool block as needed. Both Main and Sub Spindle have a high-performance C-axis with full contouring and 360,000 radial positions (0.001-degree resolution). C-axis operations facilitate engraving and milling other highly complex part details.

POWER10 hp
RPM6,000 RPM

Main Spindle Maximum RPM / spindle bearing 6,000 RPM Spindle Motor 10-HP (7.5kw) Collet Nose / Spindle Bore Traub A-52 / 52mm (uses TRB-52 collet) Maximum Barstock Diameter 2” (51mm) Maximum Cut Length 4.33” (110mm) Remnant Length – with guide bushing / without 2.13” / 7.64” (54mm / 194mm) Spindle Center Center Height 43.3” (1100mm) Sub-Spindle Sub spindle RPM / spindle bearing 6,000 RPM / 4-bearing Quad-Duplex pair configuration Spindle Motor 6-HP (4.4kw) Collet Nose / Spindle Bore Traub A-42 / 43mm (uses TRB-42 collet) External Air Blast nozzle Included for both main & subspindle Finished Parts Ejector & air blast Included for subspindle Axis Specifications X1-axis Travel 8.66” (220mm) Y1-axis Travel (true Y-axis, not compound Y) 24.41” (620mm) Z1-axis Travel 16.0” (406mm) Travel 14.9” (380mm) Y2-axis Travel (true Y-axis, not compound Y) 5.11” (130mm) Z2-axis Travel 18.1” (460mm) Rapid Traverse Rate – X1, X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 1,181 IPM (30 m/min) Rapid Travers Rate – Y2 196 IPM (5 m/min) Axis Drive Servo Horsepower: X1/Y1/Z1 1-3/4 / 1-3/4 / 1-1/8HP (1.3kw / 1.3kw / .85kw) Axis Drive Servo Horsepower: X2/Y2/Z2 1-1/8 / 1.0 / 1-1/8HP (.85kw /.75kw / .85kw) Minimum input unit 0.0001” (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch) Tooling Main 33-Tool Positions Standard 5-ER-20 cross slide live tools, 6,000 rpm, 2.0 HP (1.5kw) Main Spindle Cross slide radial live tools 3-ER-20 front slide live tools, 6,000 rpm, 1.0 HP (0.75kw) Main Spindle Front slide axial live tools 6 (5x 5/8” + 1x 3/4”) (5x16mm) + (1x20mm) Spindle OD Turning Tool Positions 5 ID Tool Bores (25mm) Main Spindle ID Turning Tool Positions 5 ID Tool Bores (25mm) (back of main tool bores) Subspindle ID Turning Tool Positions 4 ID Tool Bores (static holders in subspindle tool block) Turning Tool Positions 8-ER-20 (can add 4 more) 6,000 rpm, 4.0 HP (3kw) Subspindle Back slide axial live tools (1 radial live tool can be substituted on subspindle tool block) Machine Dimensions Machine Length 113” add 31” for chip conveyor Machine Depth 71” (1803mm) Machine Height 78” (1977mm) Machine Weight 13,880lbs (6,300kgs) Coolant Pump Dual 50psi 1-HP Coolant Pumps for main and subspindle Coolant Tank Capacity 63-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow confirmation sensor Lubrication distribution Way lube distributed at 3-6 cc / 15 minute cycle Hydraulic System power / capacity 1-HP / 12-gallons (0.75kw / 46L) Machine Power Requirements 220vac ±5%, 35kva, 3-phase, 92 amps, 60Hz Air Requirements 85-PSI at 10-CFM for parts catcher, parts ejector, & air blast

Equipped With

All 52 CS Y2 machines come with all standard accessories listed below:  Parts catcher and finished parts fabric conveyor with parts catcher basket  A-52 “Dead-Length” Collet System for main and A-42 “Dead- Length” for the sub spindle  Automatic belt-style chip conveyor and wheeled chip cart  Sub-spindle programmable air blast, oil flush and finished parts ejector  Automatic Barfeed Interface, Barfeed Connector, Toolbox & Tool Kit  Automatic Power off controller & Air-conditioned electrical cabinet  Dual ¾-hp 50psi Coolant Pumps, with double coolant filtration and a coolant flow monitor  ER-20 Collet Extensions – Total of 6 single-end ER-20 collet extensions for 25mm tool bores  13 live-tool ER-20 gear-driven collet spindles & 4-sets of spare M-codes


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